Martin Luther School!! Is a Christian School founded on the basic principle of serving God in the upbringing of children physically, Spiritually and Intellectually. In the same, we pay homage to the late Martin Luther whom we perceive as a brave and God fearing intellectually who jeopardized his life in the quest for freedom, fundamentally in serving God and in salvation through grace in our Lord Jesus Christ. It therefore is paramount to say that this institution observes and stresses the principles laid down by Martin Luther and more in relation to Children’s education in the wider scope of turning our great nation towards true service to and worship of God through our Lord Jesus Christ.

QUALITY EDUCATION FOR THE NEW GENERATION.This Motto helps the pupils to totally perceive their core responsibility of getting Quality Education in a bid to fulfill God’s intent on their lives as well as generally develop our nation through them since they have a better chance of living a full life. Prov 4:13